There never seems to be an end to the vehicles that Raiz-a-bac are being asked to fits kits to. We are making springs for more and more older types of vehicles as owners are opting to just add these coils instead of upgrading the leaf springs. These are only offered as a customized solution because it is not always possible for us to provide a D.I.Y. product.

The new Holden Colorado and Isuzu D max 4x4 and 2WD High rider kits are now fully available, and have been received with great results. A soft ride has been built into the springs improving comfort levels when driving empty, but still achieving greatly improving stability and handling when fully loaded!

We are often getting feedback from our clients telling us of how simple they were to fit, and how impressed they are with the results! We have also been able to learn ways to improve our product through keeping contact with many clients and improving the simplicity and effectiveness of many kits!

About Us

Raiz-a-bac  product has been developed and is manufactured by Auspring Industries P/L. Were an Innovative family business located in the city of Warwick in South east Queensland, Specializing at coil spring design, manufacture and end use applications.

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 "Improved my ute's suspension all round, loaded or empty. I have upgraded my leaf suspension previously with heavier leaf etc. and it's always annoyed me that I have lost ride comfort by doing so. With these you get the best of both worlds. I have given them a fairly hard time and they have stood up to it extremely well. Very happy with them." - Dave - Farmer - Landcruiser Owner

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Address: 158 McEvoy St, Warwick, Qld, 4350
Fax: 07 4667 1744 

Phone: 07 4667 1799