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Raiz-a-bac is a supplementary coil spring suspension kit designed to work in conjunction with existing rear leaf springs to provide enhanced safety, drivability, comfort and performance. With Raiz-a-bac your vehicle rides on the coils while being stabilised by leaves (leaf springs), reducing harshness – giving you a comfortable, safe and positive feel at all times.

Raiz-a-bac is a frictionless type of helper spring which increases the carrying capacity* of your vehicle without compromising the ride comfort. Made in Australia to suit Australian conditions! Allowing you to have complete confidence and trust in the quality and longevity of all raiz-a-bac products. Raiz-a-bac provides significant increases in comfort and stability when travelling on rough, gravel roads or cornering and lane changing around town, the city or at highway speeds. Raiz-a-bac was developed specifically for the tradesman. Designed to suit work on Monday or beach on Sunday. They are simple, robust and hassle free!! -No leaks or adjustments. Just put them on and forget them.

Would you like to improve your vehicles stability when loaded? Would you like to improve your vehicles handling of corners and lane changing when loaded? Do you "feel" like you’re driving around with your rear dragging on the ground? Raise it back up with a Raiz-a-bac. 

Raises the sagging rear on your loaded vehicle. Enhances safety, drivability, comfort and performance of your vehicle
Increases load carrying ability of vehicle.* Improved stability and handling when loaded! Ride Comfort is maintained or improved!
Designed to work "in conjunction" with existing rear leaf spring systems. None or very minimal loss of articulation -- unlike most other supplementary kits
EASY to install–Bolt on D.I.Y kit. That's right! No removing bump stops or changing the way your vehicle is built. No unbolting axles/leaf springs
Our supplementary Coil Spring Kit gives no opportunity for the risk of premature tyre wear due to improper workmanship often encountered on inferior options
Australian Made to suit Australian conditions. We offer a lifetime warranty on the Raiz-a-bac supplementary coil spring suspension kit! 

* It is not recommended to load the vehicle beyond or out of accordance with manufacturers specifications.

About Us

Raiz-a-bac  product has been developed and is manufactured by Auspring Industries P/L. Were an Innovative family business located in the city of Warwick in South east Queensland, Specializing at coil spring design, manufacture and end use applications.

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 "Improved my ute's suspension all round, loaded or empty. I have upgraded my leaf suspension previously with heavier leaf etc. and it's always annoyed me that I have lost ride comfort by doing so. With these you get the best of both worlds. I have given them a fairly hard time and they have stood up to it extremely well. Very happy with them." - Dave - Farmer - Landcruiser Owner

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Address: 158 McEvoy St, Warwick, Qld, 4350
Email: sales@raiz-a-bac.com.au
Fax: 07 4667 1744 

Phone: 07 4667 1799