Q. Do I require a modification cert. or any other legal requirements?
A. No. Because of the way they are designed they supplement the existing suspension and do not modify the ride height beyond the guidelines set out by all relevant Australian traffic authorities. They are not a suspension replacement or modification – they supplement existing suspension.

Q. Does it increase my legal carrying capacity?
A. Legally No. – As it is not recommended to load a vehicle beyond the GVM set out by the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications, nor outside of their load carrying guidelines. (an example: the weight placed on the tow ball by a trailer or van must always be considered in your load calculations for the rear axle)

Q. My vehicle has sagged leaf springs – will they restore to as good as new?
A. Most Cases they do - however it does depend on the extent of damage that exists. Remember they are supplementary. They supplement your existing suspension. We do have heavy duty options for bad cases, mostly these are good enough.

Q. Can I increase the GVM of my vehicle with these? 
A. They are not designed to do that, but it may be possible. You would have to enquire with your relevant department of transport. There is braking capacities along with other things to be considered if you wish to do this.

Q. I have a new vehicle/s and when loaded up with all my equipment, it sags in the rear – it needs a boost. Would these suit?
A. Absolutely perfect, exactly what they are designed for.

Q. Does it void my vehicle warranty?
A. We don’t have the vehicle manufacturer’s approval to say it doesn’t. However they are not a replacement part or modification, rather a supplement to existing suspension – so it is improving the performance of the suspension.

Q. How much will they increase the ride height of my vehicle? 
A. Depending on the type of vehicle, usually between 30mm and 50mm.


Q. Can I upgrade to a heavy duty option later on?

A. Yes, for most models there are a STD & H.D. options. Individual spring only sets are available. If you modify your vehicle down the track and would like a spring to suit a 2" lift modification, these can also be changed over, no need to buy a whole new kit.

Q. I have already replaced the leaf springs on my vehicle with a raised non-genuine replacement. Will these still fit on my vehicle.
 A. They are designed to fit all standard OEM suspensions. We have springs made and designed to fit and work with the raised suspensions.

Q. Do you have a warranty for these?

 A. Yes we have a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY - See our warranty terms and condition page on our website.

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Raiz-a-bac  product has been developed and is manufactured by Auspring Industries P/L. Were an Innovative family business located in the city of Warwick in South east Queensland, Specializing at coil spring design, manufacture and end use applications.

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 "Improved my ute's suspension all round, loaded or empty. I have upgraded my leaf suspension previously with heavier leaf etc. and it's always annoyed me that I have lost ride comfort by doing so. With these you get the best of both worlds. I have given them a fairly hard time and they have stood up to it extremely well. Very happy with them." - Dave - Farmer - Landcruiser Owner

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